March 2, 2020

Stop thinking that because you’re in the second half of life that you’ve run out of time- that you are to fade away into the background and live a ho-hum or unhappy life.

If anything, it’s finally your turn now. After years of putting others needs in front of yours, midlife can offer you a great gift- more freedom (and wisdom) to pursue what really makes your heart sing.

I spent about 7 years dimming my own light in my mid-forties, stuck in the patterns of burning myself out and seeking perfection. I constantly felt anxious and exhausted and yet drove myself to do more just to prove I deserved to be here. And you know where that got me?

🎇 Severe adrenal fatigue
🎇 Dependence on meds for anxiety, depression and a mood disorder
🎇 Disconnection from my life and my relationships
🎇 A tanked sense of worthiness

I had had enough.

I couldn’t take the idea that I was past the halfway point of my life and still couldn’t figure out what the heck would bring me the peace that I sought. I wondered what I would be leaving behind that had meaning for me and for the world.

My inner voice was loud and clear- I had to adjust my attitude about how I approach life and figure out how to get through its little bumps with more grace and ease. No more “hustling for my worthiness” as Brene Brown so aptly puts it, no more crushingly negative self-talk, and no more putting off finding the tools and routines that support my expansion.

I’m not gonna lie- it was and continues to be a journey for me– tough at times and beautifully empowering at others. And what I got from this deep dive into my desires is well worth it! I found my way back to myself.

And I want that for you, too.

When you ask yourself, I mean really ask yourself if you are showing up fully for your life and are feeling on fire for what’s next, what comes up?

Do you notice a pulling back, a sense of resignation to a mundane existence because that’s all you feel you can have?? Then it’s time for a reset for you too.

No more hiding, no more giving up. It’s time to get clear on what you want and bring out your best self and enjoy your life more.

I double dog dare ya. 🐶🐶 You are so worth it. 🔥🌟

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