March 14, 2020

It’s been rather intense lately, huh? 💥

Concerns about how the Corona Virus is playing out…

Economic worries…

The up-coming elections…

And then there’s your own daily life that seems to get more complicated each day– managing your parents and their risk with the virus from afar, unexpectedly having your kids in college back at home when classes are cancelled, wondering if you need to restructure your retirement funds because of the stock market volatility and even trying to find a store that still has hand sanitizer and toilet paper!

How can you keep yourself from spinning deeper into fear and overwhelm??

It starts with turning inward and revealing what’s motivating the fear. Slow down and take a few breaths. Tap into your vast inner wisdom and listen for what is revealed when you simply and compassionately allow yourself to be. You can then more clearly see what is driving your thoughts and actions.

Ask yourself is what you’re imagining really true? It could be an old-held belief that got triggered when you began to feel out of control.

Call in your natural curiosity that you have to know the truth and ask – what needs attention? Where am I feeling it in my body? Tap into the felt experience rather than from how you are conceptualizing it in your mind.

Remember that you are not your thoughts. You are the deep awareness that notices your thoughts.

Recognize that your suffering needs something and find a gesture of self-care that soothes you. It can be an internal whisper of encouragement or reassurance like “I love you and I’m listening” or “it’s not my fault”. I find healing by placing my hand on my heart and imagining being bathed in a warm radiant light. Practice bringing to mind a loving being like a spiritual figure, friend, family member or even a beloved pet and imagine their love and wisdom flowing to you.

It’s all about tapping into what is real for you and trusting the inner guidance. Listen as I go a bit deeper in this video:

May you stay connected and awake and remember that the power of your wisdom is so much stronger than any fear.🎇

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