March 30, 2020

During the past two weeks since the shelter in place order, I’ve been immersing myself in spiritual coaching, devouring podcasts about personal development, increasing my time in meditation and tuning into as many global healings and virtual gatherings as I can. I’ve been doing deep clearings, rituals, journal writing, teaching/practicing yoga and getting out in nature to connect.

I do this not only because I have the time but also because I am wrestling with my fears and old beliefs a lot right now and really want to move through them. I’ve come to understand just what a transformational time this is for the whole planet. I want to be a part of bringing in more love and wisdom and need to be as clear as possible to do so.

We’re in the midst of big shifts in our way of being, communicating and connecting.
Lessons and principles being revealed to us from a higher dimension are RIGHT HERE for us if we choose to see them.

We are all united around the challenge of this pandemic – the collective fear and uncertainty is what brings us together. This crisis is also opening us up to big insights we can’t even imagine yet.
So, for me the wisest choice is to focus on deeper self-reflection. There have been many great works of literature and art that were born out of time in isolation, when taking a distance from the world sparked deeper creative expression. I know my mind feels clearer and I am more resilient when I give myself permission to just be.

There is an incredible amount of suffering and sadness happening all around us. By taking time to reflect and heal rather than lament your loss of freedom and control, you can actively help create the collective shift in consciousness needed to get us all through this.

Here are some suggested ways to support your deeper inner- inquiry:

1. Schedule and honor your alone time. The first ten minutes upon waking you are still in a more liminal state and open to insights from a higher place within you. I suggest refraining from talking with others and engaging in any information from the outside world for at least the first 15 minutes after waking. Same goes for before bedtime- limit screen time to at least one hour before going to sleep. Spend the last moments before sleeping finding gratitude for experiences that brought you joy in your day.

2. Meditate. Have a single point of focus that you use to contemplate for several different sittings. It can be a word (abundance, love, joy) or a thought pattern that is predominant for you (i.e. I don’t deserve happiness because I haven’t done enough or money is the root of all evil). Allow it to unravel more with each sitting to drop the layers and receive the truth beneath it. We’ve all developed stories that we wear like glasses, covering up the truth beneath it. It served us as a way to protect ourselves. These stories become the limiting beliefs we live by and we take to be true without question. Your job is to actively search for things that will make your unconscious mind question itself and get the inner knowing to match the outer life.

3.Tune into the messages of your body. Notice where you feel stagnant or stuck in your physical being. Use your active imagination to see the energy around the areas that feel stuck- maybe it shows up as a color or a sensation and then sending loving breaths to that area. Another technique is to drop into your hips with slow circling movements and placing your hands on your lower belly. The pelvic region is a power center for guidance and wisdom, especially for women. The stronger your mind/body connection, the more you can identify whether or not you are in alignment or actually avoiding something and causing resistance.

4. Observe your inner talk. Notice the feeling tone and how you treat yourself with the predominant thoughts that show up. Catch any negative self-talk immediately and say the words “cancel, cancel, cancel” to yourself and then reframe it in a more positive way. Do you talk to yourself with love and respect or impatience and judgement? Your thoughts create your reality so be vigilant about how you treat yourself with your internal words. Think of new ways of appreciating yourself and journal about it to lift you up and stay in positivity.

5. Find Gratitude. It’s easy to overlook all that you have that serves you and your growth during a time when so much seems to be in turmoil. Write at least five things you are grateful for each day to keep your vibration at a higher level.

We are all being called to clear away any unconscious blocks in order to transform into a more genuine version of ourselves- especially right now. It can be uncomfortable to move and shift yet often we meet resistance just before a breakthrough. Stay with it and remember there is never a challenge without an opportunity.

Comment below about your inner inquiry techniques and rituals. I’d love to hear about them.

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