May 11, 2020

Do you feel like your spark has dimmed as you age – like you’ve lost touch with how to feel more pleasure?

Then it’s time to heighten your senses.
How you enjoy all of your senses shifts in quite a drastic way in the second half of life. It can be tough to accept that your perspective on intimacy and sensuality isn’t the same as it was. It’s made especially difficult when you’re struggling with how to make peace with your changing physical reality.
Your need for touch, your sexual impulses and your emotional desires are with you until the end of life. Learning ways to bring back that inner fire will help you stay connected to the joy that you deserve.

Your body carries so much wisdom – it teaches you to trust your instincts, express your love, and sustain your health. If you allow yourself to disconnect from fully experiencing your senses, you are missing out on a big portion of your body wisdom and are unable to reveal your authentic self.

In this video, you’ll learn practices to heighten your awareness for each of the 5 senses so that you are more fully embodied and able to express love and creativity with more ease.
Embrace that you are more than your body! Your sense of pleasure is something that’s always in you. It’s time to fall in love with yourself again and honor all aspects of your beauty. 💥

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