June 15, 2020

One of the most rewarding parts of the work that I do with women emerges when we come together in community. When I lead workshops and retreats, there is a magic that happens. Usually only a few minutes into the event, and without me doing much of anything to encourage it, I witness women sharing stories, offering a smile or a gentle touch as they notice another’s fragility or vulnerability. A circle of trust and safety forms quickly.

It’s as if without speaking, one woman is letting the other know that she is seen and heard. There is a bond that is formed that is beyond the words; one that taps into the deep wisdom that is held in each of their bodies and souls.🎇

By tending to the individual thread of each woman and her experiences and gifts, we together create a stronger fabric that allows us to be a part of the care of the whole. We see the sameness within us yet offer our unique perspectives and get below the surface of the thinking mind to break apart false ideas about who we are supposed to be and instead feel into what wants to come through us from within. It’s like creating a symphony- appreciating each one’s role in creating the harmony and complexity of the beautiful music that results.

The feminine way is one of interdependence and mutual empowerment that is rooted in love. 💖

It feels as if something is missing when we attempt to do the work alone. That’s how community is built so naturally with women– it’s because we recognize the truth that together we hold more power to heal and make the world a kinder and more just place.

And, undeniably, we are being called louder than ever right now into meaningful action in sisterhood to create sustained change!

We are in the middle of a deep awakening in the world to the greed, inequity, anger, hate and systematized racism that has been entrenched in our society for far too long. It’s time to share our fully embodied expression of our collective grief and rage and use it to transmute these injustices into a new fabric that is inclusive of all of humanity and nature equally.

At times it may be hard for you to feel into the energy of this deep feminine thread that binds us. You are being asked to trust in its power and do your own individual healing to see that this work cannot be done without you.

You are being asked to stay present with the pain of the world as long as it takes to find a way to ease it– to have the willingness to go into the mystery with openness, with a listening heart and without having all of the answers.

You must rejoice in your ability to not be limited by linear thinking or reasoning- let it get a little messy, as is the feminine way🌷.

Show up in all of your passion, your pain and your brilliance and let your thread strengthen the rich tapestry and create the change you want to see in the world. ✨

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