June 22, 2020

There has been so much dismantling, shifting and chaos in our world lately. Between the global pandemic and the urgent call to break apart the systematized racism that has existed for centuries, our nervous systems are overwhelmed with grief, anger, and confusion about how to navigate through it all.

As midlife women, we’ve survived a lot already in our lives and have only grown stronger and more determined by the lessons presented to us. We can provide so much healing to the world right now through the wisdom we have so diligently earned –yet to do so we first need to be on our own path of healing.

A great way is gathering with other women in a space that gives you permission to process all of the complex emotions and let you feel heard and seen in your experiences. If you are struggling to make sense of all of the dismantling, the chaos and the deep divisions that are swirling around us right now, then join me and other awakening women for a free online gathering I’m hosting called the Women’s Inner Fire Circle.

I envision this circle growing to a strong group of women committed to taking the courageous steps to heal together, to listen and learn and share in a respectful and meaningful way. You can expect to experience short guided visualizations, breathwork, writing prompts and a focusing question to guide us into deeper discussions.

Women have been leaning on each other through circles for thousands of years. Let’s take this ancient practice into today’s world to crack us open and support each other in a meaningful way. We need community now more than ever.

The Women’s Inner Fire Circle is a safe place for us to come together to share our stories and insights to help make sense of all of the chaos and changes around us.

It’s a place to take pause and authentically explore our shared and divergent views and to feel all of the deep, rich emotions coursing through us. Because none of us can heal until we can feel.

The video below provides more context and details.

If the idea of the circle stirs a longing within you, then you are in the right place. The circle is the loving container that allows us to stand in our power and reawaken the ancestral wisdom held within all of us. Come live into the mystery!

The Women’s Inner Fire Circle meets via zoom every other week, beginning on Monday, June 22nd at 2pm Pacific Time.

Email Beth at to register for this FREE offering. 🌟🔥


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