focus and flow

Find Alignment to Your Vision

July 27, 2020

I’m committed to my next level of greatness through revealing more of my authentic self. I seek clarity on what is emerging through me so that I can let it unfold more easily and feel more fulfilled, knowing that what I have inherent in me is a critical piece in healing the world.

I aspire to be in flow- a knowing that I’m aligned in my thoughts, feelings and actions and connected to something bigger than me.  ✨ I feel myself moving through a deep expansive growth spurt right now and realized it was time to get real with what’s getting in my way of this big vision I hold for my life.

I realized that I can’t always stay in the vision alone- that I have to also step into the practical, using my discernment to uncover what the real blocks are and moving through them.

I’ve called in new levels of support and opportunities that I really couldn’t have foreseen in the last few months; yet I notice that I resisted what’s being offered to me or would not follow through to completion. My first thoughts were often “when am I going to find time for that on top of everything else??”

Time is running out concept shows clock that is dissolving away into little particles.You see, up until now, I was clinging to an old habit of filling up my schedule with so many activities and commitments that there was no room for spontaneity or a place for new projects that would propel me forward.

I was exhausted all of the time and often resented doing the things that no longer landed in my priorities. I struggled to let anything go for fear of what others would think of me or that I might miss out. My schedule was controlling me and I couldn’t get into a state where I would be open to something beyond my planning.

I expressed this challenge to one of my coaches and she helped me to get all of my tasks, responsibilities and priorities on a color-coded calendar. Now I’m making choices about what stays and what goes or gets re-worked so that I find more blank space in my days to call in and act upon what is truly aligned for me and my growth.

When my thoughts revolved around not having room in my schedule for what I needed, or not having energy left when there was room, I was in the vibration of scarcity, contraction and lethargy. Since I know the Universe interprets what to make available to me through the feeling tones I send out, I realized I was actually sending the message that I couldn’t handle more rather than surrendering and listening to what wanted to unfold through me.

Perhaps you relate to my example of keeping too busy or maybe yours is a different flavor of a misalignment. Either way, you must be committed to getting clear about what energy you are sending out before you can tap into your own flow state where the ego falls away and you are guided by the Universe into something even bigger than you can imagine.🌟

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