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in midlife.

Activating midlife women to own their gifts, break down resistance, and live in their brilliance.

Your intuition has been whispering day and night that there’s even more for you now that you’re a midlife woman.

You know that there’s deep meaning in the second half of life and you’re just the woman to discover what’s next.

You know how easy it is to get discouraged as your life, body, and energy drastically shift. But, a mediocre existence has never been for you, and now isn’t your moment to slow down and dim your light.

You were never meant to fade out, and you want to know how to reignite so you feel like your old self with a hell of a lot more wisdom.

You’re ready to turn on and ignite your life with all of your hard earned wisdom. What you’re searching for are the tools, tribe, and confidence to burn brighter than you ever have before.

You’re ready to begin a truly transformational exploration of self and soul that will bring more richness and meaning to your life, relationships, and impact in the world.

You may not feel it now, but the aliveness and passionate spark for life that you’re hoping is still alive inside of you is ready to be reawakened. Let’s ignite that spark, sister.

Just because the world is expecting you to fade doesn’t mean that you have to. There is another way.

I inspire bold-souled midlife women to reclaim their own vitality and power in order to expand into their wisdom and sensuality to lead a deeply fulfilling life.

Hey there! I’m Beth Nelson, Founder of Ignited Women. I believe women in midlife have the opportunity to rewrite and redefine how women over 50 are seen, so long as we are willing to live in our brilliance.

When we anchor into our value and own our vibrancy in midlife, we awaken the masses and create waves of unstoppable change. We’ve spent decades honing our skills of nurturing, understanding, and living in our feminine flow, and it is our responsibility to share that wisdom to heal the world.

It is my passion to help midlife women like you reignite your life to access your full aliveness, to connect and clarify your unique gifts, and become more engaged and passionate in using those gifts in the world just when the world is telling you to slow down and disappear.

Here at Ignited Women, we know better than to burn out and fade. Afterall, who better to lead than the women with the wisdom? No one is more ready than us, sister. Let’s reignite.

Beth Nelson

Sisterhood doesn't end at midlife.

Join our community!


You crave to be a part of a community of authentic awakening souls like you – to be seen and heard in a way that only marvelous midlife women can understand. 

You and your midlife sisters are meant to transform the world with your wisdom, so long as you get out of your own way!

Inside of our community, we let go of the old wounds and limiting beliefs around not being enough.

It's time you start living with the vibrancy and boldness that you know is in you, and this is the tribe to do that with. Welcome, wise sister.

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This is where the true transformation and lasting change takes place. Choose 1:1 coaching or  enter into a group program with like-minded women in midlife to radically live and transform your day to day life, relationships, purpose, and more. Receive weekly support in the most intimate and connected container offered for women over 50.

Signature Programs

The Ignited Women retreats create a safe space to explore, expand and embrace new possibilities for you through mid-life and beyond. Through guided group activities, connecting with nature, meditation, yoga, creative expression, and personal reflection, you will learn the transformative power of self-care as a way to experience greater freedom and long-lasting joy.


Reclaim your wisdom, light the fire within and get clearer on how you want to feel. Start with a gentle, nourishing yoga practice and meditation to strengthen your connection to yourself and your body. Dig deeper through inspired and stimulating writing and group sharing exercises designed to uncover what is most important to you as a midlife woman. Get introduced to ways to create goals with soul based on how you want to feel in various parts of your life.





Summer 2021