Burn-out is 

 badge of honor

 not a

If you have become dependent on your mind and disconnected from the wisdom and power of your body and soul – which is exactly what is happening to you, even if you do not yet realize it – you will have limited resources with which to replenish. Pushing harder, and relying on those other peak performance tactics, is not the answer.

Wine is not the answer- nor is spending on luxury brands or getting an MBA.

The decades I have dedicated to the application of high-performance in both corporate and sports-related worlds, as well as my research, training and experience in spirituality has led me to create an entirely new approach to energy management – one that is specifically designed for those female corporate athletes who are being let down by other methods.

If you are a highly-driven woman, I believe this is truly the ONLY way to find a sustainable cadence so that you are no longer so mentally and physically depleted.

Cosmic Fitness ignites the tenacity and enthusiasm you mastered early on (when you were filled with natural, effortless energy), WITHOUT masculine mental gymnastics, without gimmicky diet plans or unrealistic physical training regimes. You'll stop seeing plastic surgery as the way to regain your confidence and you'll unapologetically own your unique talents without one iota of concern about what others think.

COSMIC FITNESS propels you to next-level functioning – it is the spark you need to live your life by choice... and not burn-out.



Peak Performance Your Way

There is a certain breed of female corporate athlete – the highly motivated, confident and competitive women who surge ahead through keen intellect and instinct – that absolutely will not be helped by traditional 'masculine' approaches to peak performance.

Beth Nelson, Founder

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It terrifies you to think of who you would be without the mask of your corporate identity. The weight of that burden drops you deeply into a stress state and erodes away your true vitality and health. Keep ignoring the signals and soon your body will give out.

You’ve been so focused on driving the bottom line for others rather than for your own fulfillment that you’ve tuned out from how it felt to be fully in your body simply for the sheer joy of it, just as it was when you first discovered your own athletic self.

Your natural ability and drive to excel has shaped who you are. Problem is the relentless corporate hustle has sucked up all of your energy. 
And coupled with the expectation of continually "being on" after hours for family and employees? 
You are just tapped out. 
I get it! 
You have a choice – reclaim the authentic aliveness that comes from being in your body or wait for your body to fail you from the outer stresses.

Denying Your True Nature 
Will Destroy You

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