Beth Nelson

Creator of cosmic Fitness

Beth has enjoyed a lifetime of taking herself to the edge through sports and movement. Her rigorous physical training for long-distance triathlons and running races helped her to harness new levels of power in all areas of her life: personal and professional.

Since shifting from a career in corporate management, Beth enjoyed several years as a successful midlife mentor, yoga instructor and retreat leader. Her passion now lies in helping burnt-out female executives rediscover the drive and energy that previously propelled them to great success, and using those same winning principles to bring them deeper meaning to their lives.

Beth has hundreds of hours of training in personal mastery, life coaching, yoga philosophy/teaching and cosmic consciousness – and she is the creator of the ground-breaking COSMIC FITNESS method.

Beth Nelson

The Cosmic Fitness Method

Despite her natural aptitude and appetite for competition, the decade that Beth spent in high-pressure corporate environments led to severe burn-out and depression.

Beth recognized that she was not alone in this occurrence, and she sought to understand, master – and then teach – a unique preventative solution to other ambitious women.

Through Beth's research, she saw clearly how nature and universal laws play a vital role in creating our own infinite source of energy.

As a result, Beth created a brand-new method for teaching peak performance to high-achieving women. She is the first in the world to integrate traditional 'masculine' peak performance methods with 'feminine' nature-play and universal laws: what Beth has termed cosmic fitness.

Her signature COSMIC FITNESS approach to optimal functioning is the unsurpassed solution for high-achieving women to achieve balance and maximize energy on demand.

This holistic approach to peak performance unites those seemingly contradictory parts of yourself that get covered up by the demands of your life.  

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