It's time to put

Yourself first

Coaching programs, retreats and workshops to create the infinite source of energy needed to achieve what you want.

It's a big journey to reveal what lights your soul on fire,
to release the old patterns that hold you back.
The best news is this:
 You don't have to do it alone. 
Ignited Women events offer inspiration,
community and a safe, nurturing environment
for transformation and long-term healing. 

Isn't it time to reawaken your own infinite source of energy
and live life on your terms?

It's time to reclaim & spark that vibrancy that you lost somewhere along the way...

Inspiring high-achieving women to reclaim their vitality and drive to create the greatest impact while maintaining a sustainable and fulfilling life. 

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This is how you can work with

Beth Nelson

Thriving in the high-paced executive world is not about relying on caffeine, alcohol and gutting it out on fumes to get through your day.  You know you've got big aspirations, and that means figuring out how to make your life more sustainable and enjoyable as you reach for them.

Beth offers many workshops, retreats, and  signature  programs that will bring you back into alignment with the most vibrant version of you. Each is set up to give you an immersive experience into where you are currently and where you are headed now that you're ready to reclaim all the parts of you that get covered up by the demands and conditioning of life. 

This is where the true transformation and lasting change takes place. Choose 1:1 coaching or enter into a group program with like-minded women  to radically live and transform your day to day life, relationships, purpose, and more. Receive weekly support in the most intimate and connected container offered for women.

Signature Programs

The Ignited Women retreats create a safe space to explore, expand and embrace new possibilities for you through mid-life and beyond. Through guided group activities, connecting with nature, meditation, yoga, creative expression, and personal reflection, you will learn the transformative power of self-care as a way to experience greater freedom and long-lasting joy.


Reclaim your wisdom, light the fire within and get clearer on how you want to feel. Start with a gentle, nourishing yoga practice and meditation to strengthen your connection to yourself and your body. Dig deeper through inspired and stimulating writing and group sharing exercises designed to uncover what is most important to you. Get introduced to ways to create goals with soul based on how you want to feel in various parts of your life.





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