Find inspiration, community and a safe, nurturing environment for transformation and long-term healing at an Ignited Women Workshop.
I offer both virtual and in-person workshops designed to uncover what is most important to you as a midlife woman.
Isn’t it time to put yourself first and take a journey to reveal what really lights your soul on fire?
A workshop is a perfect way to get started. Check back often for new and enticing events!

Reclaim your wisdom, light the fire within and get clearer on how you want to feel

is a place to take pause and authentically explore our shared and divergent views and to feel all of the deep, rich emotions coursing through us. Because none of us can heal until we can feel.
I envision this circle growing to a strong group of women committed to taking the courageous steps to heal together, to listen and learn and share in a respectful and meaningful way.

You can expect to experience short guided visualizations, breathwork, writing prompts and a focusing question to guide us into deeper discussions.

If the idea of the circle stirs a longing within you, then please join us at no charge to you. The circle is the loving container that allows us to stand in our power and reawaken the ancestral wisdom held within all of us.

We meet every 2 weeks around the full and new moons. There are two time slots with the same content to better accommodate your schedule. Just choose which one works for you! Click the button below and the login information will be sent to you.  

Join the Circle

The Women’s Inner Fire Circle