Join us next Summer- Fuel the Flame of Your Inner Desire- July 30- Aug 1 2021

You wonder what happened to all of those dreams you had for yourself. Somewhere along the way you lost control, allowed your own light to dim while being preoccupied with taking care of everyone else. You forgot what is was that YOU really wanted. And now you go through the motions of your day, living a ho hum life.  

You yearn for MORE for yourself yet wonder if it’s even possible or worth the effort to get that spark back. You can continue on the path you’re on that leaves you feeling invisible, confused and lonely or connect with the woman you are MEANT to be. 

Your time isn’t up. It begins when you dare to put yourself first. There is an amazing bright light in you waiting to emerge.
The Ignited Women retreat is a time to discover who you really are…and to step into your brilliance

Here you are- a woman in mid-life. Somehow you didn’t expect life to turn out like this.

Rediscover Yourself

with an ignited women retreat

You will leave this retreat knowing that you are a radiant, bold, authentic and sensual woman with incredible gifts to share with the world. 
You’ll slow down and breathe deeply. You’ll be reminded of your fierceness and resilience that has carried you through so much already and will boost you forward again. Most of all, you’ll experience the truth of who you are and tap into deeper levels of self-love and acceptance.

You’ll learn powerful tools to help you…

• Explore deeper possibilities for your physical wellbeing
• Boost your confidence and feel more comfortable in your own skin
• Lift yourself out of the habits and fears that hold you back 
• Create a deeper mind-body connection to make powerful decisions for yourself
• Learn to take care of yourself no matter what- even if you are taking care of others
• Connect with like-minded women who will cheer you on 
• Tap into your courage and set strong boundaries

Retreat Details

The Land of Medicine Buddha Center is a unique and sacred facility that provides the perfect setting for the important inner work of this retreat. Located in the coastal foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains, the campus is tucked away from the bustle of local beach towns yet easy to reach. Enjoy miles of hiking trails, access to incredible enchanted redwood groves, a pool, sauna and plenty of room for quiet contemplation. Massage and bodywork appointments are available (not included in the price of the retreat). 
Delicious vegetarian meals with locally-sourced and mostly organic produce are inspired by diverse global cuisines. Past participants have raved about the food!

Located in the coastal foothills of the santa cruz mountains

This Retreat is for you if you...

• Feel disconnected from yourself and your life as a midlife woman
• Are seeking to create long-term shifts to feel more fulfilled
• Are longing for time away to rejuvenate and unwind
• Need sisterhood and heart-to-heart connection

Come home

to You

What to Expect...

• All-levels yoga, meditation and qi gong 
• Journaling and writing prompts for personal reflection
• Guided group activities (hiking, meals, deep conversations)
• Ample unstructured time to sit with your thoughts or simply return to a slower pace
• Healthy food, clean and comfortable accommodations
• Options for massage and bodywork by professional staff (additional fee)

1pm- arrive and settle, option to come early for lunch and a hike
3pm – Afternoon session
6pm -Dinner
7:00- Evening Session

8am- Silent Morning Meditation
8:30-am Breakfast
9 am- Morning Session
10:45am- Yoga
12pm- Lunch and Free Time (hike, massage, rest, journal)
1:30 Afternoon Session
4pm – Free time
6pm- Dinner
7pm- Evening Session with restorative yoga and yoga nidra

8am- morning meditation
8:30am- breakfast
9am- check out of room
9:30- Closing session
12pm- lunch and opportunity to hike or spend time on site 

Sample Agenda

I'm Beth Nelson. I inspire bold-souled midlife women to reclaim their own vitality and power in order to expand into their wisdom and sensuality and lead a deeply fulfilling life.

Beth is an inspiration and leader for women who are ready to awaken into the fullest version of themselves at midlife and leave a meaningful impact on the world. As a Life Purpose Clarity Coach, isolated and disengaged women in their 50s and 60s hire her to build the necessary confidence to reinvent themselves and create a life full of passion, purpose and authenticity. Her workshops, retreats, private coaching and on-line programs have helped hundreds of women to uncover their unconscious beliefs and make lasting change to feel more vital and engaged in midlife and beyond.

Beth created Ignited Women in 2016 to unleash the greatly under-utilized wisdom of midlife women into the world and foster a cultural shift in how they are seen and valued. As a yoga instructor, she has guided hundreds of women to a deeper quality of presence through movement and stillness.  She is a licensed Desire Map and Firestarter Facilitator and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher.

About Your Host


Single Occupancy: $410 + $399 reg = $809
Double Occupancy: $310 + $399 reg = $709
Triple room rate: $280 + $399 reg fee = $679
Yurt Single Occupancy: $320+$399 reg fee= $719
Yurt Double Occupancy:$226+$399 reg fee = $625
Commuter rate: $178+$399 reg fee = $577
The non-refundable registration fee ($399) is due upon sign up with the room costs due by July 9, 2021.

All participants pay a retreat registration fee of $399 plus housing and meals for 2 nights:


The non-refundable registration fee ($399) is due upon sign up with the room costs due by July 9, 2021.


Commuter rate: $178+$399 reg fee = $577


Yurt Double Occupancy:$226+$399 reg fee = $625


Yurt Single Occupancy: $320+$399 reg fee= $719


Triple room rate: $280 + $399 reg fee = $679


Double Occupancy: $310 + $399 reg = $709


Single Occupancy: $410 + $399 reg = $809

All participants pay a retreat registration fee of $399 plus housing and meals for 2 nights: