I had a great time connecting with many of you recently during the facebook live series, six secrets to radiance at midlife.
If you missed the live videos, not to worry! you can watch the replay at your leisure and learn about the topics that are important to you.
Click on any of the talk titles below and it will take you to straight to the session. 

2. Harness the Power of your Wise Woman

1. Escape Midlife Malaise from Poor Sleep 

3. No More "Good Grandma"

4. Become an "Ageless Goddess"

5. Be Bold, Be Heard!

6. Pathways back to Pleasure

How to quell the night sweats and insomnia and wake feeling rested and ready to go

How to gain respect for your age and wisdom

How to stop feeling responsible for others and instead focus on taking care of you

Nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes to keep you feeling vibrant and vital. To access the document with my recommended supplements,

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How to awaken your voice and claim what you want

How to reclaim you sensual, sexy beauty in midlife and beyond