Ignite Your Purpose,

Reveal Your Path

Ignite Your Purpose,

Reveal Your Path


A Midlife Reinvention Roadmap
Align your deepest desires with practical actions to lead the most meaningful life in midlife and beyond.

Have you lost touch with what really makes you happy and have just settled into the life you know rather than making the changes you need to wake up feeling ON FIRE for your life everyday? 

Stop hiding, numbing, not showing up for yourself fully and buying into the notion that it’s too late for you to change.

As a driven, wise and soulful woman in the middle of your life, are you finding it difficult to figure out what’s next for you because you’re so used to putting everyone else’s needs in front of your own?

Is what you’re doing to arrange your life around your deepest desires for yourself bringing you more joy and fulfillment every day? (Or are you settling for less because it’s too daunting to figure out on your own how to shift?) 

Do you have a system for bringing yourself back when you slip into old habits? Do you have an inspired action plan based on how you want to feel? 

You deserve more satisfaction and to make yourself a priority… plus you’ve got some great talents and superpowers that the world needs.

If you’re struggling to balance what you want with the practical actions needed to get you there, I’ve created a proprietary step by step system that will keep you on track and create new possibilities for your fulfillment and sense of joy.

I felt isolated and hopeless about my future when I was turning 50. It took me longer than it should have to learn how to be more engaged and connected to my life. Luckily, I’ve all the hard work and put together a proven solution and can now help you avoid the same suffering.

You’ve been feeling for a long time that something is missing and you’re not quite sure what to do about it. You long to feel more engaged, clear and to know that you and your talents truly make a difference and that you are leaving your meaningful mark. You are frustrated with the state of the world and want to know that you are a part of the solution

You want to easily make powerful decisions for yourself and inspire others by how you show up for yourself and others. You want to feel more confident, more brilliant and more tuned in to your gifts and passions.
Imagine having the tools and support to tap into your inner courage and a personal action plan to keep you on track- You’d be UNSTOPPABLE. 

And that’s what I want for you. The Ignite Your Purpose, Reveal Your Path program can help you achieve the breakthrough you want and deserve. 
You are at a tipping point, an awakening- it’s as if a cloud has lifted and you finally see what matters most in your life and you have a choice- either buy into the notion that aging means decline, despair and ultimately death or get bold and take chances! I can tell you that the Universe will respond when you step in the direction of your true desires and you will find ways to get what you want with less struggle and more connection. 

The best way to start on this journey is to be in charge of what you want and to make decisions based on how you want to feel rather than what you want to achieve. It’s not about what you do but how you are BEING that will set you apart- wake up from the cultural conditioning that have told you how you are supposed to be and begin to consider the wholeness of who you are. In life, the real goal is to feel good, wouldn’t you agree? Time is running short- adventures await you. It’s time to show up and be seen. 

Sound familiar?

By the end of this program you will....

 • Uncover the motivation behind your dreams
 • Envision your ideal lifestyle, aligned with your authentic self
 • Transform the voice of NO into the voice of YES
 • Create a strong mind & body connection; make powerful decisions for yourself
 • Master habits that support your expansion
 • Reclaim your right to more happiness and pleasure 

Midlife women hire me to reclaim their identity and ignite their full potential because most are unclear on what’s next for them, are reluctant to try something new, and don’t know how to overcome the challenges that come with getting older.

I guide midlife women to dismantle their limiting beliefs, unleash their brilliance, and leave their meaningful mark. 
You have dreams and desires that are just waiting to be ignited by you. I created the Ignite Your Purpose, Reveal Your Path program to guide you on how to move forward with courage and boldness. 
About 6 years ago, I lost my lucrative (yet life-sucking) job as a Program Manager and found myself at a crossroads…

Either I search for another Program Manager job and likely have it take over my life as previous jobs had, or I figure out what really brought me more balance and meaning and prioritize my life around that. 

I took a hard look at the toll my career and life choices were taking on my well-being and realized if I didn’t make some changes, I was headed down the path of depression, despair and burnout- and I KNEW I was meant for more!

It was a scary and uncertain time, but in the end, losing my job was the nudge I needed to come back to myself. I got clear on where in my life I was dissatisfied and why and worked through some old limiting beliefs that were holding me back. 

I feel more alive and engaged in my life than I have in a long time. My business is growing and I know I’m making a difference using my best talents to inspire others to their own greatness. 

I want to help YOU achieve the breakthrough you need in your life as well! 

I’ve done all of the hard work for you—now it’s time for you to make a choice for your own well-being.

Are you ready to get in the driver’s seat of your life? To take the actions needed to really make long-lasting transformations that keep you fired up about what you’re up to in the world?

About Beth Nelson


Program Details

Uncover the motivation behind your dreams and how it serves you and the world
 • Explore your passions, talents and life-changing experiences
 • Deep inquiry into your values
 • Uncover your innate genius
 • Sketch out your personal manifesto

Stage One: Clarify Your Soul's Calling

Envision your ideal work and lifestyle, aligned with the most authentic version of yourself.  
 • Create your personal game plan to remain focused and energized
 • Create balance by using time management tools and mindset shifts
 • Define your personal mission and purpose
 • Revisit the sketch of your personal manifesto to clarify the next layer

Stage Two: Reawaken to Possibility

Transform your voice of No into the voice of YES
 • Identify the barriers to creating your most fulfilling life
 • Learn how to shift negative patterns that block you from believing in yourself
 • Learn how to choose empowering beliefs and create a structure to keep them alive
 • Set boundaries and get what you want without guilt

Stage Three: Tame Self- Doubt

Create a strong mind and body connection to make powerful decisions for yourself
 • Distinguish the physical sensations of your “Inner Yes” and “Inner No” 
 • Create a simple, consistent centering practice 
 • Design and put into place your self-care plan

Stage Four: Ignite Your Inner Guidance System

Link your desires, intentions and goals to your unique gifts
 • Craft your support network that keeps you on track 
 • Stay connected to a vision larger than yourself
 • Declare your meaningful mark on the world 
 • Implement your inspired action plan

Stage Five: Create Your Purposeful Action Plan

Master new habits that support your expansion
 • Use your preferred feelings as guideposts to make clear choices
 • Reconnect with your right to more happiness and pleasure 
 • Anchor into a healthy habit system
 • Proclaim your emergence into the fullest version of yourself

Stage Six: Celebrate your Evolution

In this 9- week program you will receive:

 • 6 Modules including videos, workbooks, support materials and resources and guided meditations
 • 6 Live group mentoring calls to master the shifts and actions needed to link your desires to realistic, achievable goals 
 • Access to the recording of the presentation in case you miss any live session
 • Lifetime access to Midlife Reinvention Roadmap private Facebook support group to help you stay on track, share insights and remain committed
 • FREE Bonus Guest expert sessions: topics including, hormone balance at midlife, eating for energy and investing for retirement 

Who is this for...

This program is for midlife women who are ready to ignite their full potential and create a structure to make clear and powerful decisions that leverage their unique gifts.

Who is this NOT for...

This program is not for those who give into the notion that midlife is the beginning of the end and that it’s too late to change and find more happiness and fulfillment.


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