January 27, 2022

Do you notice that when you spend even just 10 minutes in nature, your whole being shifts? I know I feel more relaxed, clear, connected and in awe of the beauty I witness when I slow down and take a deep breath while in nature. This intimate relationship with the environment is built into our […]

How Nature Provides Cues

January 9, 2022

Even when I wasn’t competing or training for a sport, my athlete’s mindset for excellence has been a big part of my successes. That drive and enthusiasm is also in you. Own it and use it to propel you because continuing to live only in your head and disconnected from your body will destroy you. […]

Reawaken Your Athlete’s Mindset

January 9, 2022

There is a dance between the two sides of me – the driven, competitive part that thrives on pushing beyond limitations (aka the ‘corporate athlete’)… and the yielding, mystical side fueled by the unseen energies of nature and wonder of the cosmos (what some would call woo). Blending these seemingly disparate aspects together is what […]

Imbalance is Toxic

focus and flow

July 27, 2020

I’m committed to my next level of greatness through revealing more of my authentic self. I seek clarity on what is emerging through me so that I can let it unfold more easily and feel more fulfilled, knowing that what I have inherent in me is a critical piece in healing the world. I aspire […]

Find Alignment to Your Vision